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Rooftop Package Units

As the name suggests, these units are usually installed on a building’s roof, but they can also be installed at ground level. Most commonly found in large commercial buildings, such as retail or industrial, this type of HVAC system packs all necessary components into one large unit, placing all elements of both heating and cooling into one location and providing treated air from one to eight-story buildings. Rooftop units can serve a single zone, or many zones located throughout the building, with some units designed specifically for make-up air. An easy-to-maintain, energy efficient conditioning system, the energy recovery solution of rooftop systems comes with inverter compressors and beltless ECM fans, giving you a reliable heating unit for colder climates.


Because these units are an all-in-one system and are most often used in large commercial properties, South West Mechanical knows the importance of keeping them running properly. Our experts are well equipped in the maintenance of rooftop units, and it is important to us to keep them in excellent shape for maximum performance.

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